August Update

Hampton Station August 2019 update from the Board.

Kids are back to school and the heat is still beating. Hope everyone had a wonderful summer and a great start to the new school year.

Thanks to all that came out for the back to school party.

July Completed

  1. Ray's Engineering is under contract to conduct Capital Reserve Analysis And Property Condition Assessment. This will support our handover negotiations with Beazer and will also set up Hampton Station for success in the long term with in depth analysis of our property and assets. This process was initiated with the previous Advisory Council and we continued from where they had left off. We were also able to negotiate a special addendum with Ray's to secure the best possible legal and commercial conditions for HS.
  2. We served Fieldstone with a Termination Notice. That will put us through August 31st, 2019. On Sept 1, 2019, our new company will officially take over. The new company is responsible for the transition process and will also be working with Fieldstone and the Board directly.
  3. We came to terms with and selected Heritage Property Management Services. Of the companies we received proposals from and/or met with, we felt Heritage was the best fit. They will take over from Fieldstone starting Sept 1 and have already begun working with us on the transition process. Heritage will send out mailers with all the information you will need. Some of the key things to know.
    1. We negotiated away the $1,295 startup fee
    2. We negotiated an addendum to properly protect HS legally and commercially
    3. The contract will save us $6,215 over the term versus Fieldstone.
    4. We will have a LOCAL community manager PLUS a call center for the day to day tasks. For example, Pool cards can be fixed by a dedicated access control team that all residents can call, or you can file a violation at any time by phone, call to request a ACC request, or even reserve the clubhouse. These can all be done with just a call. No waiting on emails or delays.
  4. As of 8/7/2019, we received a "A+" on our inspection from the Cherokee County Fire Department. We are in full, 100% compliance. Some of the key tasks included:
    1. We serviced all fire extinguishers, which hadn't been serviced since 2017.
    2. We replaced a total of 13 emergency exit lights and 1 additional emergency light.
    3. We cleared the emergency exit at the back of the pool.
  5. As of 7/26/19, we received a 100 on our inspection from North Georgia Department of Health regarding our pool. Some key things to know include:
    1. Replacing a Pool motor that went out (2nd of the year) which was the same replaced in May. It was under warranty, but we did have to replace the parts that made the first replacement fail.
    2. We were given the OK to go to 1 life guard. In the new year, we will discuss with insurance and the pool vendors and make this work out so we are more likely to always have guards and we should be able to save on costs as well.
  6. We are in the 'Construction' phase with Comcast as they are bringing Basic Network TV, Internet, and Phone to the clubhouse. This will replace Dish and Windstream and will save us $960 a month and will allow the residents to have Wifi while at the clubhouse and pool.

By the Numbers:

Number Received by

HOA Website/Email

Complaints 43
ACC Req 16
Reservations 17
Support Req 59

Reminder of Frequent Violations

As we have been in the transition process, we have continued to have our ACC team inspect and have continued to send out letters. We will start pushing for fines, so please, as a community, lets resolve some of the most common complaints and violations. Also, please remember that there is a specific ACC process in place. If you file a complaint, it can take 3 weeks for the family to receive the letter.

  1. Parking on the road is not permitted. Many homes have recently extended their driveways, so hopefully this resolves much of this.
  2. Commercial vehicles are not permitted to be parked in the driveway.
  3. Weeding and general yard maintenance is required. We have a few teens in the neighborhood who would be happy to help you for fair pricing. Please check with your neighbors or Facebook for some contacts.
  4. Trash Cans need to go out in the evening or first thing in the morning the day of your pickup, and put in as soon as possible after being picked up.

What is coming up?

Here is a list of items we are actively working on. This is from from a complete list, but should give you some insight.

  • Working with Ray's Engineering so get a punch list for Beazer
  • Negotiating a rebate from Dynamo. Looks unlikely to have any more life guards this season. We are working with Dynamo to find a solution.
  • Fieldstone/Heritage Transition
  • Discussing Community wide, single trash service. (Already did Request for Proposals "RFPs")
  • Evaluating all existing vendors and RFP as needed. Will likely get quotes for all services
  • Interviewing Access control and Security Camera companies.

Volunteers and Committees

We have quiet a few volunteers already. So thanks to all those that have.

For ACC: We need 2 people to assist with identifying violations only. Those would then be sent to an existing person whom is taking the lead.

For Welcome, we only have one. We need more, please.

Ashley Law will be heading up the 2x a year garage sale, but could use some support.

Check out the form at

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