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Fellow Residents,

We are excited to announce, that as of November 27th, we will be in control of our own HOA.

After the Property Condition Assessment, some negotiation with Beazer, and lots of frustration, Beazer has provided documents that will allow the Hampton Station homeowners to officially take possession of the Hampton Station HOA. In the transition, over the next 30 days, Beazer will supply the following:
1) Certificate of Incorporation
2) Federal Tax Information
3) Minutes of meetings
4) Original Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Hampton Station
5) Bylaws
6) Original deeds for common property
7) List of members of the association
8) Corporate seal
9) Copy of recorded subdivision plats for Hampton Station
10) Copy of management agreement

In addition, Beazer will forgive $35,000 of operating expenses we have incurred over the years that were issued as notes payable. Furthermore, Beazer will pay roughly $20,000 toward the cost of the recent cleaning and clearing of our four retention ponds which are fully complete and up to code. And we were also able to negotiate another $10,000 cash for repairs. So, in total, we negotiated about $65,000.

In late July/ early August, we contracted with Ray’s Engineering for a Property Condition Assessment and a Capital Reserve Analysis (We have attached those to this post for your review). We received the Property Condition Assessment on October 24th, as did Beazer and Fieldstone. We spend a few hours with the engineering showing them the issues that the previous ACC had identified as well as them conducting their own inspections. Surprisingly, Ray’s Engineering was unable to identify any items that were in violation of any building codes, any improper construction, or any identifiable neglect. The items needing repair were all identified as normal wear and tear and in deferred maintenance. The HOA is responsible for maintenance and had Ray’s identified other issues, we could have pursued funding from Beazer.

These results exceed the Board Elect (and previous Advisory Committees) minimum outcome requirements and nearly met our desired outcome. We were not able to get Beazer to agree to make the HOA a POA. (review here However, we can still do this with Heritage’s support and internal legal team. Beazer also was unwilling to pay for the previously mentioned reports from Ray’s Engineering, however, they were budgeted.

Thanks to the Advisory Committee and all the volunteers that have helped in this process. It has been a ton of work on all.

Now, regarding property management: Beazer has contracted Fieldstone to be our property management company through June 2020. Regardless, we will be re-terminating our contract with Fieldstone and bringing on Heritage. (The previous termination with Fieldstone and contract with Heritage were deemed null and void after Beazer made the claim that the Board Elect wasn’t in authority). Within the upcoming months, there will be a neighborhood meeting to formally introduce everyone to the Heritage management team.

Additionally, we will be gathering quotes to revamp our entire swimming pool area. The pool is on the cusp of needing to be resurfaced. We desperately need new pool furniture. And the pump room needs attention. Once more information comes to light, we will pass it along.

As you can see, there has been a lot of going on this Fall and there is still more to come. In the upcoming weeks, we will be reassessing all of our vendors and service providers. From landscapers to lifeguards, everything will be audited.

We wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving,

Hampton Station HOA Board

Property Assessment:


Reserve Analysis


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