Heritage Letter and Update

The following letter is being mailed directly to all residents. We are providing you this letter for convenience. Please consider the mailed letter the final and most accurate. These are also available below as an attachment.


December 10, 2019

Welcome to the Heritage Family!

We are very excited to announce that Heritage Property Management has been selected by the Hampton Station Homeowners Association, Inc., Board of Directors to assist in managing the business affairs of the Association. It is a privilege to have this opportunity and we look forward to providing the high standard of service that your Association deserves. We are proud to introduce Russell Koenig your new Community Manager.

We are here for all your community needs at 770-451-8171

· Access Device, Gate Changes / Clubhouse, Cabana & Other Facility Rentals
Press 1 at the prompts
· Architectural Modification Submissions / Violations Questions, Disputes & Resolutions
Press 2 at the prompts
· General Homeowner Inquiries / Online Account Setup
Press 3 at the prompts
· Account Balance or Accounting Questions / Collection Inquiries
Press 4 at the prompts
· Realtor Inquiries, Closing Requests, Change of Title
Press 6 at the prompts
We realize that hiring a new management company can be confusing and our goal is to make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. To help facilitate this, you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions (FAQ) enclosed.
For your reference, the new payment address for Association dues is listed below. In the interim, please make checks payable to:

Hampton Station Homeowners Association, Inc.
C/O Heritage Property Management
500 Sugar Mill Road, Ste 200B
Atlanta, GA 30350

If you still need to mail a payment in for your January 1st, 2020 assessment, please mail it to the above address. For your convenience, multiple payment options are available (please see the attached FAQ).

We look forward to working with you and will be reaching out with additional information in the weeks to come. I know I speak for everyone at Heritage when I say that we appreciate your business and are thrilled to have you in the Heritage Family.

Gavin A. Cobb, CPA
President & CEO
Heritage Property Management Services

Russell Koenig, CAM
Community Manager
[email protected]

How Does the Transition Process Work?

Over the next few weeks, Heritage will be incorporating all the data received from the Association into our system. We will be setting up homeowner accounts, integrating financial history, building your Association’s web portal, studying your Association’s governing documents, and familiarizing ourselves with your community.

What’s the Next Step?

We are currently updating our system to reflect account balances turned over by the board of directors. We will be sending a follow-up letter to each homeowner indicating their balance(s) so that the data we were given can be verified. If the balance that appears on this letter is incorrect, we ask that you bring the matter to our attention as quickly as possible.

How Do I Contact Heritage?

During business hours (Monday through Friday, 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.) we can be reached at (770) 451-8171.
After Hours: In the event of a property-threatening emergency related to water, sewer, or other natural causes, we can be reached 24/7 at (770) 451-8171 (press #9). Please note that this line is intended for property-threatening emergencies only. In the event of a fire, medical, or other life-threatening emergency, please dial 9-1-1.

Does the Change In Management Companies Affect My Association Dues or Community Rules?

No. The Association dues and community rules will not change as the result of a new management company.

Do I Need New Keys, Cards or Codes For Community Access?

No. All keys, cards and codes required for community/amenity access will remain the same.

What If I Recently Sent A Payment to the Board of Directors?

Do not be concerned. All such payments will be automatically forwarded to Heritage and noted on your account information.

How Do I Make A Payment?

Please see the back of this form for a detailed description of all of your payment options.


Heritage Property Management Services, Inc. performs the role of a fiduciary in accepting funds for your association. All payment proceeds are deposited into a bank account from which your association expenses are paid. We are not paid a commission on any proceeds which have been received.

Payment requirements are established by the association covenants and the board of directors. Payments are due on the due date. Each association provides for a small grace period before a payment is considered late. Your association determines the appropriate grace period before late charges are applied. Payments are accepted in the following ways:


You may submit your Association payments electronically through PayLease using a credit card or a one-time payment via your checking account (E-Check). There is a convenience fee to use this service. The convenience fee for using an E-Check is $3.95. For credit card transactions, the fee will be a percentage based on the type of card used and indicated when making a payment. PayLease accepts:
For PayLease, please call (866) 729-5327 between the hours of 9am - 8:30pm (EST). Have your credit card, debit card, or bank account information ready.


• Payments are considered received when delivered to our lock box facility and accompanied with an invoice.
• Always make your check payable to your Association and include your account number.
• Mail your check and the payment statement to the following address:

Heritage Property Management
PO Box 628207
Orlando, FL 32862

When sending your payments to our lock box facility, you must include your invoice payment stub. The invoice payment stub contains the information necessary to match your payment to our accounting records electronically. Failure to include your invoice stub may delay the processing of your payment, resulting in late charges being assessed to your account.


To use an electronic bill pay service or check writing service, use the address listed above as the payment address. You MUST indicate the exact account number that is provided on the invoice under the heading “Bill Pay Account Number” on the remittance line provided by your bank service provider. Please allow for adequate time as it may take up to two weeks depending on your banking institution.


You can also pay your association dues at any BB&T branch in Georgia. In order to do this, you must have your payment invoice with you. Processing time varies by branch, but the average time before your homeowner account is updated with this type of payment is 3 business days.




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