July Update

First week down, many more to go!

Hello Hampton Station residents. We hope you are able to keep cool in this extremely warm/hot summer. We are also looking forward to all those awesome pictures and stories from your July 4th celebrations.

For the first week for the Board, this was an extremely fast and furious week. We have a few things we would like to share one week in.


The website is up and is ready. https://hsho.org is now running. (Yes, you are likely reading this on the website, but for those who aren't, here you go). The site has some interesting publicly available information. However, if you request a login, you can see many of the additional features like...

  • Member Forum (place to chat about specific topics)
  • Idea Push (a place to submit your idea for the community and vote on others ideas)
  • Document Repository (where we are storing all the contract and files for public viewing)
  • Ability to edit the community calendar (add your events)
  • ACC forms are coming soon (for now use the PDF version)
  • Booking tool for the clubhouse  (for now, it will book, we are still working through the final bits, so bear with us as this goes live)

Social and Communication

We are looking to make a few modification to how we handle communications. We would love your feedback on this.

  • For HOA official communications, we have created a Facebook Page at http://fb.me/hamptonstationhoa. This does not replace the closed group. This is in addition to. Please continue to use the closed group for your discussions and community. However, we will not communicate via that private group.
  • Fieldstone should be your initial point of contact for issues and concerns.
  • We will continue to write up these reports on the website and push those to our official Facebook page.
  • We are considering a Bi-Weekly newsletter.
  • We are considering an option for text notifications for short, urgent notices.
  • While we are having communication issues with Fieldstone, you can contact by email too.

Keep in mind, the HOA Management Company is in place to assist you. They should be your first point of contact. If they are failing you, please let us know. We will push them or replace them as needed.

Pool Situation from 7/1

This is an unfortunate reality, but someone defecated in the pool on July 1st. The lifeguards promptly closed the pool and followed their protocol. However, the pool chemical maintenance guy for Dynamo was not able to get to the pool within the 2 hour window required by the contract and unfortunately the Life Guards were not clear on their processes and left the pool. It is the Dynamo's obligation to follow all Federal, State, and Local regulations and procedures in the event of a bodily fluid incident. This includes documenting the issue, cleaning, and closing the pool. The board made the incorrect assumption that Dynamo had followed through with their obligations. Unfortunately, the Life Guards failed to actually close the pool including posting a sign and disabling the gate.

Going forward, we intend to more strictly monitor Dynamo as their continued service failures should concern all. Additionally, we will be providing the Life Guards (and any one else since this can happen outside of the lifeguards) with signage and a procedure document.

We ask that all in the community support this as well. Since at any time, this can happen. If you are aware of an issue, tell someone or call a board member. Don't assume that it is taken care of.

Beazer and Vendors

We are taking meetings with Engineering firms, HOA Management Companies, as well as other vendors.

We are slowly getting the agreements for all the various vendors. We have been at this a week, but have most of them. Unfortunately, response times from Fieldstone are delaying the process.

Volunteers and Committees

We need your help! We have started drafting our concept for the committees needed for the community involvement. We would love your input on the committee and we would also appreciate any volunteers. Unfortunately, with the election, all 17 committee positions were vacated and the individuals were not interested in continuing with the new board. As such, we have many needs and we are open to anyone interesting in helping.

Check out the form at https://hsho.org/volunteer

-The Board.

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