GDoT Meeting Notes

Hampton Station Residents,

On June 20th we had the opportunity to listen to Bryan Lott of the Georgia Department of Transportation. Let us outline of some the points that were made by Mr. Lott at this informal meeting. 

  • GDoT is fully aware of our wish to get a stoplight at the entrance to our subdivision. Every subdivision along HWY 20 wants a stoplight. We are not unique in this regard. 
  • Land acquisition will not start until 2022.
  • Our phase will not break ground until 2024.
  • To qualify for a stoplight, we will need to have a specific amount of traffic going in and out of our subdivision. When they last surveyed the neighborhood, there were only 160 houses. We now have almost 100 more homes. Mr. Lott indicated that we were close to getting a stoplight with the old survey data. Now that we have significantly more homes, we may cross the threshold. 
  • Our neighborhood will likely be resurveyed for new traffic data in 2022. 
  • Since we are getting a left turning lane out of the subdivision, we will have the infrastructure in place for a stoplight if we don’t initially get one. This is a critical point even if we don’t initially qualify for a light.
  • There is a chance the expansion gets completed, we qualify for a light, and the light isn’t installed for some time. If that is the case, we could expedite the installation, but it takes a significant investment (roughly $250,000). Another interested party has indicated they could split part of the cost with us. 
  • We will be losing a significant portion of our entrance to the expansion. And, yes, we will be compensated for it. The state will pay us “fair market value”. We don’t know what those values are. 
  • A new monument would likely be built with this money. 

To see the handout Mr. Lott gave us, please click here: GDoT Hampton Station Handout

To see the build plans associated with our area, please click here: Hampton Station Area Expansion Map

On this map, the gray road is the existing road. The black road is the expansion.

Thank you,

Hampton Station HOA and Road Safety Committee

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