Advance Warning – Notice of Compliance


As Heritage comes on board, there will be many changes, though all still rely on staying within the Covenants. We are encouraging all to revisit the Covenants and familiarize yourself with the contents.

Our Heritage Account Manager has already made a couple visits to the neighborhood and will be doing this on a regular basis.

Very soon, new/additional Covenant compliance issue letters will begin to start going out. Additionally, it is our intent in the very near future to implement a fine structure for failure to comply with compliance issues. This is already included and permissible in the current covenant, but was not enforced with Fieldstone. You will receive fair warning and a fair opportunity to resolve issues, however, failure to comply WILL result in fines and liens as required.
Here are a few highlights of the most common violations that are currently outstanding. Please make sure you are aware if you are in issue:
-yard maintenance (dead bushes, sidewalk/curb maintenance, weeds in beds)
-exposed trash cans (and the solution being a wood enclosure approved my the HOA)
-commercial vehicles parked outside/in driveway
-street parking
-exterior maintenance (paint, mold, standing seam roof painting)
If any of these are surprising, please take a few minutes and review the covenants here. All homeowners signed and agreed to these rules at your closing and should not be surprised.
Thank you for understanding.

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