August 2020 HOA Update


Below you will find a list of items we are working to address. We are at the point where several "big ticket" items need to be tackled. The tennis courts are one of those issues. Even though it may not be an amenity that everyone utilizes, it is a feature of our neighborhood that greatly impacts the community's value.

1. Resurfacing tennis courts and basketball courts

  • If NOT addressed soon can result in a LARGE expense increase ($9k per court now vs $60k per court if they have to be replaced)
  • Cracks are large enough to cause sub-court erosion/washouts
  • Court has become slick in several places
  • May have to start with lower court ASAP first with the upper courts to follow at a later date

2. Commercial vehicles parked in driveways

  • MAXIMUM violations and fines will be assessed as allowed by our governing documents
  • More than once a month monitoring from Heritage is needed to enforce
  • Streamline the reporting and tracking of violations between ACC committee and Heritage

3. Homes in need of maintenance and/or repair

  • MAXIMUM violations and fines will be accessed as allowed by our governing document
  • More than once a month monitoring from Heritage is needed to enforce

4.    Update Clubhouse

  • May need to have parts of decking replace
  • Paint exterior of clubhouse
  • Trim trees in front of clubhouse
  • Discussion of allowing clubhouse rental (need attorneys and insurance holder to weigh in)
  • Update media room including furniture
  • Remove gym carpet and replace with foam “gym flooring”
  • Add umbrellas to pool deck

5.    Hold Heritage Accountable

  • Easy to use resident portal
  • Ensuring ALL residents have access to amenities (working keys)
  • Timely responses to resident issues and requests
  • Advise the board of changes to vendor needs and regulation changes

6.    Wrap up clubhouse plumbing repairs

  • Re-install A/C unit
  • Complete retaining wall and landscape

7.    General repair of common areas throughout the neighborhood

  • Includes replacement of missing/broken boards and repaint black fence
  • Pressure wash sidewalks and curbing
  • Upkeep of detention ponds/entrances/green spaces

8.    Overhaul of Pool Filtration Equipment (Prior to summer of 2021)

  • Includes multi-port valves, sand filters, and auto-fill valves (approx $6k expense)

9.    Traffic Committee

  • 3 Way Stop at Creekshire Dr & Hampton Station
  • Possibility of red light at the entrance

10. Planning Community Events (pending COVID recommendations)

  • Food Trucks
  • Holiday events
  • New Years


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