COVID and the amenities.

An update on amenities from the HOA.

When will we re-open the amenities? First of all, our #1 priority as the board is to protect our community and its assets. With that being said, we try to follow county health guidelines to ensure the safety of our residents.

So back to the original question...when will we re-open? The partial answer is “to be determined”. What we do know is this will be done in phases. Everything is subject to change, but our initial plan is to open the courts on May 1 (in connection with the end of the stay in place order) with the pool, gym, clubhouse, and playground remaining closed until further notice. We have received guidance that the community pool may not open prior to May 15th from the Governor's office. We are also patiently waiting on the Cherokee County Board of Commissioners to present sanitation guidelines for re-opening the pool. So far, the only information we know is “extra sanitation” is needed. What does that mean? Would putting out wipes suffice? Do common touchpoints need to be deep cleaned? What about the bathrooms? How often? These are all questions we need to be answered. Restaurants, barbershops, and salons have gotten their guidelines from the state board and OSHA. In the case of gyms, they do have guidance which requires screening for illnesses and particular cleaning which is just not within reason or budget for us. Recreational facilities have not received this sort of clarity. Until we receive these details, we are stuck in a holding pattern in regards to the pool, gym, clubhouse, and playground.

The next issue with re-opening the pool and playground is the cost. If we are required to hire additional cleaning services to deep clean, these costs may become prohibitive. If this is the case, we may need to remain closed until sanitation guidelines return to “normal” conditions.

Under the guidance of our insurance policy provider, our management company, our pool management company, and the advice of an attorney, the pool will remain closed until the Emergency Declaration and Governor's Community Pool hold ends on May 15, 2020. After that, we will reevaluate.

Thank you for your patience.

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