July 2020 Update

July updates are as follows:

  1. We are looking to change the revised pool hours to the normal pool hours of the past (9am-11pm). We are just waiting for our access control vendor to make the changes and send it to our system.
  2. Speaking of access control, we are aware that some residents' keycards are not working even if they hold a zero balance. Luckily this problem is only impacting 2-3 families, but it's still a problem. We are working on the solution.
  3. On the topic of keycards not working...if you are over 15 days late on payment of your quarterly dues, your pool key will not work until your balance is paid.
  4. We have contracted for the landscaping to be restored where the new lift station was installed. A new retention wall and sod is the plan. Our plan is to have a bigger sodded area.
  5. The waste line running from the new lift station to the main sewer line at the road was scoped with a camera and seems to be fine.
  6. All bathrooms in the clubhouse are operational.
  7. We contracted to have the detention ponds cleared again. How often will we do this? As often as needed. During wet years, it may need to be done twice a year. During drier years, once a year may suffice. Rule of thumb is when the saplings are an inch in caliber, they are due for a clearing. They are not supposed to look like a golf course.
  8. We are going to get the canopy raised on the big tree in front of the clubhouse. This will happen in the upcoming weeks.
  9. The broken irrigation line next to the basketball court has been fixed.


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