November 2020 Update

Dear Hampton Station Residents,

Here is a quick update on a couple of items that are on the docket.

  1. The lights at the front monuments have been replaced. The good news was the electrical lines were in good shape. The bad news was all of the light fixtures were either broken or damaged. Because of that, we decided to replace all the fixtures. We also added a 7th light on a post that didn't have a fixture at all. During the Fall months, we'll work on getting the bushes pruned to better accommodate our new found lighting.
  2. We are scheduled to get the clubhouse repainted during the first week of December. Of course, this is weather permitting. Assuming temperatures allow it, we will attempt to restore the clubhouse to its original glory. The plan is to get as close as possible to the original color scheme. We do not plan on exercising any artistic freedoms with this project. The only change we are considering is making the primary color of the clubhouse a couple of shades lighter.
  3. We have again contracted with Sears to manage our pool and pool equipment for 2021.
  4. Speaking of the Q1 of 2021, we will be replacing the majority of the filtration system in the pump room. This includes all new multi-port valves, improved ductwork, and replacing the old sand in the filters with a glass media that filters particulates better than sand.
  5. We are on track to repaint/repair the upper tennis courts and basketball court early next Spring.
  6. By the end of the year, we are going to get the internal hardware in the toilets in the clubhouse rebuilt. This project could pay for itself in a year.
  7. Lastly, we are beginning the process of getting bids to repair/replace the black fencing around the neighborhood. Hopefully, we can get this project done in Q1 2021 as well.

We also want to thank all of the volunteers that have reached out to us this past year. The outpouring of help from y'all has been amazing.


Hampton Station Board

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