Pool is reopened (6/7/2020)

Dear Residents,

We are reopening the pool with the understanding the upper-level bathrooms are the only bathrooms available to be used. To access these bathrooms, please enter the clubhouse through the pool level and go up the stairwell. The stairwell doors have been unlocked for your access. Do not re-enter the pool area through the balcony. We will have additional portapotties on-site next week as a backup to the backup.

We are asking all residents to continue to follow the extra COVID-19 guidelines. And please, no unattended minors.

We will be working with Georgia Plumbing to replace our entire lift station system. The work itself may only take a couple of days. The issue is the arrival of the parts. The pumps and electrical parts are readily available. The canister is not. The lead time for the new canister is 1-4 weeks. This issue is consistent with everyone we received quotes from. Down the road, expect another pool closure when the excavation begins. We hope that will only take a day or so.


The Board

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Hampton Station HOA