July 25, 2019 – Fire Inspection

Dear Residents,

Today we had an inspection from the Fire Chief.

The main complaint their office received was a concern regarding the chain being removed from the stairs to the deck. We discussed with Lt. Michael Priest. The chain will be permanently removed and will not be placed again. He confirmed that the chain is not a requirement and must be removed in any situation where the clubhouse is open. The deck will also be permitted to be used by residents when they are at the pool, so long as the pool furniture remains clear of the doors from the clubhouse. The only exception will be is if the Clubhouse is rented. The renter has priority over the deck.

We took Mr. Priest around and showed him the improvements completed since the previous inspection that took place prior to our appointment. He was pleased with the results such as the placement of the occupancy signs, the replacement of some of the emergency exit lights, the removal of the chain, servicing of the fire extinguishers, and a few other items.

Unfortunately, due to this complaint and Lt. Preist’s second visit, the community now only has 7 days to resolve the remainder of the open items. We will need to incur additional expenses to resolve expeditiously. The Board would like to remind everyone, that we are just at about 1 month in, and just this Monday (the 22nd) did we get confirmation that we are able to enter into agreements or spend money. Much of the work to this point is out of pocket.

Please feel free to at least notify Fieldstone and the Board of your intent to file a formal complaint and we can work with you to attempt to resolve your concern.

The persons who filed the report in person at the Fire Department office chose to remain anonymous. The fire department would like the anonymous persons who filed the complaint to contact Lt. Priest so he can put the persons mind at ease.

We are hard at work on many things that we will be sharing in out August update in about a week.

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